Your Big Data opportunity is digested by our Big Data Center of Excellence (COE) staff comprised of functional domain and transformational change experts, enterprise and solution architects to rapidly identify, design and build, using agile development, a 4-6 week Solution prototype that monetizes big data for our clients. We employ many leading practice change management methodologies such as”as-is” and “to-be” maturity diagnostics, blueprint development, road map development, use case development and our Big Data COE utilizing the latest in Big Data technologies¬† to generate alternative ROI justifying business case based solutions to test for you.

Here are samples of our current cloud based Solution as A Service:

  • Market Mix Modeling Data Preparation
  • Risk Insight(R) Real-time Counterparty Credit Risk Exposure Dashboards
  • Pharmaceutical Call Planning Data Hub Integration Solution and Real-time Visual Dashboards
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics Dashboards
  • Single View of a Customer Linking and Visualization Dashboard
  • Health Care Claims Data Analytics Dashboards